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Biannual Gift Giving

Warm weather is here! For many of us our thoughts turn to outdoor activities. Riding bikes, sports leagues, picnics, camping, and the return of the weekend warrior. How often do you get a small cut or abrasion doing these activities? Though they can be painful, they aren’t life threatening. But for those who are afflicted with hemophilia and other genetic bleeding disorders, a minor bruise or cut may result in a trip to the emergency room. Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation (KHF) is the only organization in Kentucky for those with genetic bleeding disorders and their families. KHF provides everything from child safety equipment for younger children to college scholarships for young adults. Plus, our popular summer camp allows youth with bleeding disorders to enjoy the fun that others take for granted this time of year – all while they learn to manage their disorder for a lifetime.

Your biannual $500 contribution could pay for one child to have a summer camp experience and so much more. Without your help, these kids may not be able to enjoy all the summer fun. To continue making all of our services possible, we ask that you consider a gift of support to our biannual fund drive.

This will help us meet a $25,000 challenge gift from Mr. and Mrs. Terry Forcht of Corbin, KY. Simply make your contribution online as indicated below or complete the biannual fund drive form and mail your contribution

Your contribution will help give these kids the summer fun we all want. It will also extend the peace of mind to parents of children with bleeding disorders, knowing resources and assistance are available from the Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation. Thank you for your generous and much appreciated support.

Click Here to download the Biannual Fund Drive Form.

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