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Innovative Outreach Programs

The Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation actively pursues outreach opportunities across the state and many of the programs we have partnered with are making a dramatic impact on the lives of those with the condition.

KWOP a cooperative project of the Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation and the Treatment Centers of the Kentucky Hemophilia Program.
Peer Outreach
...simply means reaching out to someone whose experience is the same as yours or similar to yours and may involve individual or group contacts for support and interaction.

And our First Step Outreach to Families with Newly Diagnosed Children helps ease the adjustment to caring for a newborn diagnosed with an inherited bleeding disorder. KHF provides a First Step Kit filled with educational information for the parents and giveaways for the child. A call list of other parents for outreach and support can be provided upon request. Contact us if you would like more information about our First Step Kit.