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We love feedback! Here are some consumer comments in response to a needs survey we sent out recently. If you have any comments, let us know!

"I just got home from work, and received William's dino in the mail. I wish you could have seen his eyes light up, and how he gave it a hug! It made his day! Thanks for being thoughtful to the children. It does make a difference in their lives, and THAT is why I believe in the Foundation."
"I want to take this opportunity to say a big "Thanks" for all the materials you have recently provided for my family! We are so excited to have new information to review. As foster parents we are not always included, as birth parents would be. "
"I want to thank you for the birthday gift that you sent my son. He really enjoyed it. I have visited the web site and enjoyed it too."
"You certainly did a beautiful job with the Mardi Gras Ball this year and know it was a big success."
"Thank you so much for helping to brighten up our Holidays. Life was looking so dismal a short time ago, and now it is so much better."
"Thank you for your thoughtfulness in our time of need!"
"Thank you for all your help and support to our family over the years."
"Thank you so much for listening and your kind words."