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Bicycle Helmets

If your child has hemophilia or a related inherited bleeding disorder, order a free bicycle helmet from the Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation.

Our motto is Be Safe, Have Fun!

While no helmets can protect against all injuries, studies show that wearing an approved cycling helmet can reduce the chance of serious head injuries by 85%. Nearly 1 million children under the age of 14 are treated each year for bicycle injuries. Some 600 of these children have fatal injuries, and another 260,000 will be admitted to hospitals due to bicycle-related head trauma. Boys on bicycles are injured twice as often as girls. Fatalities are more likely to occur during warm months and during peak hours (after school from 3:00 to 6:00 PM).

Measure your child's head according to the chart below for a good fit. Place measuring tape 1' above eyebrow to measure head circumference.

Helmet Sizes  
Toddler 19 ¼" - 20 ½"
Child 20 ½" - 20 ½"
Youth 22" - 23 ¼"
Adult 23 ¼" - 24 ½"

To order your helmet click here to download the form. Then fill it out and mail it to our address listed below.


Birthday Card Program

If you have or your child has an inherited bleeding disorder, we would like to send you a birthday card. Children also receive a small gift.

Contact us at the KHF office for more information.


Clinic, Home, or Hospital Visits

You can request visits with KHF staff during clinics, at home, or while you are in the hospital.

This is a support service that we would like to provide but out of respect for your privacy will usually do so on request only.


Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance is provided on a case by case basis to individuals with an inherited bleeding disorder.

This is a needs-based crisis intervention program. Contact us at the KHF office for more information.


Family Day at the Zoo

This annual get-together for families of the inherited bleeding disorder community offers an opportunity to see many familiar and exotic animals first hand and to visit with other families from all parts of Kentucky.

Family Day at the Louisville Zoo attracts over a hundred adults and children.

The event features free admission to the zoo, special animal presentations, lunch, beverages, musical entertainment, and door prizes.

Family Day at the Louisville Zoo is a fun and educational activity for the entire family.

View Zoo 2005 Slide Show!

For this year's date and registration information, contact the KHF office.


Holiday Program

The annual Holiday Program takes place on a December Sunday afternoon.

This family oriented function attracts over one hundred adults and children every year.

Food, beverages, and entertainment are provided. Santa Claus brings a gift for each child. This event also features a Bake Contest, volunteer recognition, and door prizes for the adults.

For this year's date and registration information, contact the KHF office.


Hotel Accommodations

KHF will pay for a hotel room if your clinic or doctor's visit requires an overnight stay or if you are in the hospital and a hotel room is needed for accompanying family.

This service is needs-based and provided on a case by case basis.

Contact us at the KHF office for more information.


MedicAlert ID's

KHF will pay for a stainless steel MedicAlert ID bracelet or neck chain if you have or your child has an inherited bleeding disorder.

KHF will also pay for replacement emblems, if the original is lost or broken.

A MedicAlert ID emblem provides life saving information about your condition and treatment to medical personnel in case of an accident or other emergency.

The MedicAlert Foundation will charge you an annual membership fee of $15 to store additional vital information in their system that can be accessed by medical personnel or for changes on your wallet ID card.

For an MedicAlert Enrollment Form, Contact us at the KHF office.


Social & Recreational Gatherings

KHF offers opportunities for patients and/or their families to interact in a social setting.

In the past, we have had picnics and a Support Group Coffee Hour and we'd like to offer even more opportunities.

Under consideration at this time, is a "MOOS" (Morning Out on Saturday for Mothers) and swimming lessons for children.

To receive more information as plans progress, contact the KHF office.


Sponsorship to the NHF Annual Meeting

KHF provides partial sponsorship on a limited basis to consumers interested in attending the National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting.

Every year, this meeting offers cutting edge information on research, treatment approaches, and related health topics and also features an excellent Youth and Adolescent Program.

Requests for participation in this and other educational events are considered on a case by case basis as funding permits.

Requests must be submitted in writing to:

  • Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation
  • 1850 Taylor Avenue, Suite 2
  • Louisville, KY 40213