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Educational Programming Opportunities


Annual Education Meeting

The annual educational meeting is KHF's major educational forum.

This meeting usually consists of a half-day of educational activities and takes place during the first part of August at a central location in our state. Regionally-and nationally-known speakers are invited to address issues of interest or concern to the inherited bleeding disorders community as well as general wellness topics.

annual education meetingTopics addressed to date include Current Treatment Approaches, When Chronic Disease Is Invisible, Hemophilia Then and Now Consumer Panel, Inhibitors, Hepatitis C, Genes 'Re Us, Infusaports, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Laugh and Let Live, Ricky Ray Relief Fund Act, Tools for Effective Parenting, Liver Disease in Individuals with Hemophilia, Blood Safety, Orthopedic Problems and Joint Disease, Bleeding Disorders and Their Impact on Women, and Gene Therapy.

This event usually begins with breakfast and ends with lunch. Vendors are present from the pharmaceutical and home care industries. Child care and/or a children's program is offered as well.

his annual event attracts a participant group of approximately seventy-five consumers, their family members, and medical providers. For more information, contact us at the KHF office for more information.


Kids On The Block Puppets

The Kids on the Block Program on Hemophilia contains four scripts designed to educate children (and adults for that matter) about hemophilia.

The Kids on the Block Program on Hemophilia contains four scripts designed to educate children (and adults for that matter) about hemophilia.

Kids On The Block PuppetsEach script focuses on a different aspect of hemophilia. One script is for children in grades K-2nd grade. This script demonstrates how the parts of blood work together. The other three scripts are for children in grades 3-6. The Kids on the Block Puppets are Nicholas, Jason, and Joanne. Our puppeteers are Connie Thacker, David Maricle, and Shan Burt from the Christian Fellowship Ministry.

Contact us if you would like for us to contact your child's school and educate classmates and teachers about hemophilia. I know this outreach and education service is currently only available in Louisville's greater metropolitan area.


Educational Literature

Consumers may request free copies of educational literature at any time. KHF maintains a library of educational literature on inherited bleeding disorders (e.g. hemophilia, vWD) and related issues.

We also have a series of age-appropriate books for children. To download a printable list of currently available publications Click on one below.

For your free copy, choose the items you wish to receive and fax or mail the completed form to us.


Monthly Mailings

KHF will send out monthly mailings of educational information and magazines at your request.

In order to assist consumers in making informed choices regarding their treatment and to keep them apprised of research, legislative, and other related activities; frequent mailings of product information, legislative updates, and related issues are sent to the inherited bleeding disorders community.

If you would like to receive these educational mailings, contact us at the KHF office.


Hemosphere Newsletter

The "Hemosphere" newsletter is a Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation publication that contains educational information and information about KHF activities for the inherited bleeding disorders community.

The "Hemosphere" is published several times per year.

To download the most recent issue, click here.


Presentations and Exhibits

Representatives (staff and volunteers) from KHF frequently make presentations to schools, health fairs and other community groups

PresentationOur goal of presenting is to provide information about hemophilia and related inherited bleeding disorders and the services KHF provides.

Please contact us if there is a school or community group that would like to learn more about hemophilia and the Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation or if there is a display opportunity at a health fair in your neighborhood.



Special seminars may be held from time to time on pertinent topics pertaining to hemophilia related topics.

In addition to the annual educational meeting, which typically takes place the first part of August featuring one or more speakers on hemophilia related topics (e.g. blood safety, hepatitis C, gene therapy, health and humor, inhibitors, infusaports, current treatment approaches); special seminars may be held from time to time on pertinent topics. The most recent seminars dealt with gene therapy and financial planning.

Check the calendar of events for upcoming seminars.


Video Lending Library

We will lend you an educational video at your request. Videos must be returned undamaged within 30 days.

Click here for a printable list and order form for videos currently available. Indicate the title of your choice on the form, complete, and return to us.